A few of our families would like to share their experiences with you! Check out our testimonials below!

My son has been at Shining Stars for the last few years and I couldn’t be happier! I often wondered why the waiting list was so long (took us 15 months to get a place!) and now I know why.

Charlie does not warm easily to people. On the more introverted side, the teachers at Shining Stars came from a place of understanding and experience and rather than try to force him out of his shell, created a wonderfully warm and nurturing environment where everyone’s unique characteristics are welcomed and indeed celebrated. If something needed to be done differently in order to support his learning, then it was never a trouble for the team to adapt their ways. In fact, when we needed support for Occupation and Speech Therapy, the Shining Stars team extended strategies and techniques from therapists into the daily routine and delivery.  

What I really love about Shining Stars was that it is always very clean and great attention and pride is taken in the details and surroundings in the classrooms – the equipment, the learning materials, the topics and the curriculum. The teachers and staff have been there for many years and so they work wonderfully together and are a part of a very well-established operation (that tells me that they are treated well by the owner, which in turn, has done wonders for the children!). The centre is consistent with their communication and reports and the school readiness program was recognised at our recent Kindergarten interview as reputable, robust and providing the children with a great base for their next journey in school.

By building ultimate love and trust with Charlie he has absolutely flourished in the Shining Stars environment. We have seen him develop in leaps and bounds, in his own natural way, and he is now ready to take on big school with confidence, independence and the resilience to succeed with making new friends in new environments.

Such a relief and comfort to know that my son has been nurtured in the best possible place having built a second home and family with the Shining Stars team. Thank you!

Themi Jones

Step through the doors of Shining Stars and allow yourself and your children to be greeted with the warmest of smiles, the kindest of hearts and the most respectful and professional group of educators. The energy is beaming and the laughing is infectious.

My husband and I could not have asked for a more perfect centre to shape our two children into the happiest and well-rounded children that they are today. Stav and her team were the most positive role models, giving our children experiences and opportunities that they still talk about 2 and 4 years after graduating.

The facilities are state-of-the-art and cater for so many interests that the children have. The educators constantly change their rooms to keep interest and curiosity alive in their little students. There are all-weather outdoor areas which means that every day can be an outside day! Our entire family – siblings, aunts, uncles and grandparents, always felt welcome at Shining Stars with their all–inclusive special celebrations. The lines of communication are always open and we always felt we could talk to the educators about any issue we had and gained valuable and insightful advice.

Both our children beamed with joy every day and many conversations we had with them were centered on what amazing things they had explored throughout the day. They transitioned to “big school” confidently and adequately prepared thanks to the school readiness program.

We can confidently recommend Shining Stars to any parent (and have done so many times) as a wonderful place to see their child learn, grow and thrive in all facets of their life.

Barbara Marinakis

I felt safe leaving my children in the care of shining stars. My children were always well fed, cared for and happy. We enjoyed all the events that were organised and it was great that our family could get involved. My kids still talk about the colour run and bunnings bbq!! Our children had a smooth transition to school and we were so happy with the School readiness program.
Thank you

Kerry Katsiaras