At shining stars Early Education we have a team of dedicated and enthusiastic educators who bring a wealth of knowledge, passion, culture and personality to our centres, allowing us to engage with children in a meaningful way. Our team is nurturing, caring and value building positive relationships with the children, families and the community.

As Early Childhood Educators we advocate for children’s rights and voices, we respect and treat children as individual equals. Our Educators are qualified and passionate about early childhood care and education, we support our team to upskill by providing ongoing training and professional development.

Our team is committed to supporting families and the community. Over the years we have supported many charities and have held fundraising events, ranging from the colour run, bunnings BBQ, high tea events, disco parties, hair cut days, children’s cupcake stalls and so much more!!

Our team ranging from the director, educational leaders, room educators, assistants, cooks and administration we are all here to support you.

We are proud, united and committed to delivering Exceeding practices.