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I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Shining Stars team for providing a very nurturing and caring environment. I really appreciate the friendliness of the teachers and their interest in creating a fun and creative learning atmosphere.

Shining Stars has a very balanced structure which I love! The kids have a chance to be involved in group time, arts & crafts, and outdoor play which is all great for their development. I am assured knowing my daughter attends a centre that provides great quality care & education. The monthly newsletters are very informative.

It is nice to read what has been happening & what exciting activities are coming up in the following month. It was also really nice to see the recipe on the back page. All the meals provided are very healthy & obviously delicious as it is common my daughter has two serves!

Thank you so much.

Tamara Mitanovski

My daughter has been attending Shining Stars childcare since 2010 and we could not be happier. It is such a wonderful center and my little girl absolutely loves going there, we feel so lucky to have found such great childcare. I would also like to share my gratitude about the staff they are caring, friendly and are incredibly passionate about the children and go to extraordinary lengths to make sure they are happy, they have helped my daughter immensely.

I am very happy and pleased to have such professional staff working with my daughter. It is also very nice to see the Director ongoing professional support towards the children and staff. I highly recommend the center to everyone..

Irene Valmas

My eldest son attended Shining Stars long day care centre between 2010 - 2012. In that time, he blossomed socially, emotionally and academically. Every day at home time, he would tell me what a lovely day he had, which I believe not only had to do with the beautiful friends he had acquired, but more importantly, it had to do with the manner in which the wonderful staff conducted themselves towards the children.

The staff at Shining Stars were fantastic with the children. They were always praising them and encouraging them to do their best. The programs they had written were of an excellent standard and they changed constantly to suit the interests of the children at hand. The centre, although busy, had a sense of positivity and calm about it.

It was clean, safe and stimulating for the children. The meals the centre cooks were tasty and nutritious. My son and I were both extremely happy at Shining Stars and although there are at least four child care centres closer to where we live, I will continue to support such a remarkable child care centre by sending my second child there next year.

Shining Stars is truly a wonderful asset to the wider community and I would thoroughly recommend it to everyone and anyone who is looking for a place they can trust to leave their little angels with.

Mary Archis

When I first saw Shining Stars, I was pregnant with my first child and was impressed by the cleanliness, efficiency and state-of-the-art equipment.

More than two years on I am a mother of two and these attributes are still outstanding, but it is the staff who I realise are the real stars.

From the teachers to the chef to the director every day I am blown away by how warm, caring and generous they are to both child and parent.

I couldn't ask for a better place to send my children and the care they offer is second to none.

Clare Masters